Current PhD students

Andrea Afruni
(Gas flows from and to galaxies: understanding the circumgalactic medium)

Pasted Graphic Cecilia Bacchini
(Gas accretion and galactic fountains in star-forming galaxies)

giuliano Giuliano Iorio
(Off piste beyond the disc of the Milky Way: structure of the stellar halo and dynamics of nearby dwarf galaxies)

Former PhD students

Lucia Armillotta
The origin and fate of the multiphase circumgalactic medium of galaxies download pdf!

Enrico Di Teodoro
Kinematics of local and high-z galaxies through 3D modelling of emission-line datacubes download pdf!
For his software 3DBarolo: please visit BBaroloSite

Gabriele Pezzulli
Accretion of mass and angular momentum onto the discs of spiral galaxies download pdf!

Federico Lelli, University of Groningen,
Starbursts and Gas Dynamics in Low-Mass Galaxies download pdf!

Antonino Marasco
The gaseous halo of the Milky Way download pdf!

Federico Marinacci
Dynamics of the halo gas in disc galaxies download pdf!

A few pictures of previous and current group members

Pasted Graphic 2
In 2017 walking in Malta, Role of gas in galaxy dynamics.
Pasted Graphic 3
In 2016, Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, Crossing the Rubicon conference.
In 2013 at the enoteca Italiana (Bologna), inspiring bar.