Current PhD students

Pasted Graphic 3 Cecilia Bacchini
(Gas accretion and galactic fountains in star-forming galaxies)

giuliano Giuliano Iorio
(Evolution of dwarf galaxies in the Local Group)

Master’s students

Andrea Afruni (The kinematics of the circumgalactic medium)
Marco Canducci (AMR hydrodynamical simulation of disk-corona interaction)
Federica Loiacono (Gas kinematics in a high-z galaxy a z=2) co-advisor

Former PhD students

Lucia Armillotta
The origin and fate of the multiphase circumgalactic medium of galaxies download pdf!

Enrico Di Teodoro
Kinematics of local and high-z galaxies through 3D modelling of emission-line datacubes download pdf!
For his software 3DBarolo: please visit BBaroloSite

Gabriele Pezzulli
Accretion of mass and angular momentum onto the discs of spiral galaxies download pdf!

Federico Lelli, University of Groningen,
Starbursts and Gas Dynamics in Low-Mass Galaxies download pdf!

Antonino Marasco
The gaseous halo of the Milky Way download pdf!

Federico Marinacci
Dynamics of the halo gas in disc galaxies download pdf!