Papers to discuss

Thu 11 Oct 2018

Quasars Probing Galaxies. I. Signatures of Gas Accretion at Redshift Approximately 0.2
Ho et al. 2017
presented by Alex

The angular momentum of disc galaxies: implications for gas accretion, outflows, and dynamical friction
Dutton & van den Bosch 2012
presented by Lotte

Tue 16 Oct 2018

Zooming in on accretion - I. The structure of halo gas
Nelson et al. 2016
to be presented by Weiyang

Stellar feedback in galaxies and the origin of galaxy-scale winds
Hopkins et al. 2012
to be presented by Lotte

Thu 18 Oct 2018

Possible Signatures of a Cold-flow Disk from MUSE Using a z~1 Galaxy-Quasar Pair toward SDSS J1422-0001
Bouché et al. 2016
to be presented by Pedro

Toy models for galaxy formation versus simulations
Dekel et al. 2013
to be presented by Ewoud

Tue 23 Oct 2018

Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Winds and Fountains from Star-forming Galactic Disks. I. Solar Neighborhood TIGRESS Model
Kim & Ostriker 2018
to be presented by Pedro

On the Maximum Luminosity of Galaxies and Their Central Black Holes: Feedback from Momentum-driven Winds
Murray et al. 2005
to be presented by Ewoud

Thu 25 Oct 2018

H I Kinematics along the Minor Axis of M82
Martini et al. 2018
to be presented by Alex

Jet- and Wind-driven Ionized Outflows in the Superbubble and Star-forming Disk of NGC 3079
Cecil et al. 2001
to be presented by Weiyang

Outflow: observations

Mapping Large-Scale Gaseous Outflows in Ultraluminous Galaxies with Keck II ESI Spectra: Variations in Outflow Velocity with Galactic Mass
Martin 2005

A High Spatial Resolution X-Ray and Halpha Study of Hot Gas in the Halos of Star-forming Disk Galaxies. II. Quantifying Supernova Feedback
Strickland et al. 2004

Outflow: theory

The EAGLE simulations of galaxy formation: calibration of subgrid physics and model variations
Crain et al. 2015