My currently favourite five

Di Teodoro, E. M.; Fraternali, F.; Miller, S. H.Flat rotation curves and low velocity dispersions in KMOS star-forming galaxies at z ~ 1”, 2016A&A...594A..77.
Rotation curves obtained with 3D modelling,
solution of the beam-smearing problem at high-redshift. read it!

Pezzulli, G.; Fraternali, F.; Boissier, S.; Muñoz-Mateos, J. C. “The instantaneous radial growth rate of stellar discs”, 2015, MNRAS, 451, 2324.
What is the observational
evidence of inside-out growth of galaxy disks? This paper shows how to measure it directly. read it!

Fraternali, F.; Marasco, A.; Armillotta, L.; Marinacci, F. “Galactic hail: the origin of the high-velocity cloud complex C”, 2015, MNRAS, 447, 70.
Possible solution to a 50-year problem: the origin of High-Velocity Clouds read it!

F. Lelli, F. Fraternali, M. Verheijen “A scaling relation for disc galaxies: circular-velocity gradient versus central surface brightness”, 2013, MNRAS, 433, 30.
The quantification of a relation that links baryon and dark matter densities, the
inner-galaxy counterpart of the Tully Fisher: read it!

A. Marasco, F. Fraternali, J. Binney “Supernova-driven gas accretion in the Milky Way”, 2012, MNRAS, 419, 1107.
Galactic fountain model with gas condensation applied to the HI observations of the Milky Way, perfect reproduction of the datacube and of the IVCs: read it!