Curriculum Vitae of Filippo Fraternali

Personal details
Name: Filippo Fraternali
Address: Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, University of Groningen, P.O. Box 800, 9700AV Groningen, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-(0)50-3634055
Nationality: Italian

1998 - 2002: PhD in Astronomy “Hot and cold gas in the disk and halo of the spiral galaxy NGC 2403”, University of Bologna (I) Supervisors: R. Fanti, R. Sancisi, T. Oosterloo.
1992 - 1998: Degree in Astronomy cum laude “Study of Radio Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope” (in Italian), University of Bologna (I)
1987 - 1992: Liceo Classico “Raffaello”, High School specialised in classical studies, Urbino (I)

November 2017 - present: Associate Professor, Kapteyn Institute, University of Groningen (NL)
November 2006 - October 2017:
Assistant Professor, Astronomy Department, University of Bologna (I)
March 2004 - March 2006:
Marie-Curie Post-doc, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford (UK)
February 2003 - March 2004:
Post-doc, ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL)
February 2002 - January 2003:
Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen (NL)
October 1998 - February 2002:
PhD research grant, Astronomy Department, University of Bologna (I)

Teaching experience
Supervision of PhD students
• Pavel Mancera, “Apertif with Barolo: determining precise kinematics for thousands of galaxies”, University of Groningen.
• Andrea Afruni, “Gas flows from and to galaxies: understanding the circumgalactic medium”, University of Groningen.
• Cecilia Bacchini, “Gas accretion and galactic fountains in disc galaxies”, University of Bologna & Groningen (joint PhD).
• Giuliano Iorio, “Off piste beyond the disc of the Milky Way: structure of the stellar halo and dynamics of nearby dwarf galaxies”, University of Bologna, co-advisor. Now Newton fellow at the IoA, Cambridge, UK.
• Lucia Armillotta, “The circumgalactic medium of star forming galaxies”, University of Bologna, Now postdoc at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, AU.
• Gabriele Pezzulli, “Accretion and evolution of galaxy discs”, University of Bologna, defended in December 2015. Now postdoc at ETH-Zurich, CH.
• Enrico di Teodoro, “Dynamics of galaxies through the modelling of emission-line datacubes”, University of Bologna, defended in December 2015. Now postdoc at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, AU.
• Federico Lelli, “Starbursts and gas dynamics in low mass galaxies”, University of Groningen, defended in December 2013 cum laude (conferred on the top 5% of the students). Now ESO-fellow, Garching, Germany.
• Antonino Marasco, “The gaseous halo of the Milky Way”, University of Bologna, defended in February 2013. Now postdoc at ASTRON & Groningen, NL. This thesis won the Gratton Prize for the best Italian thesis of the years 2013-2014.
• Federico Marinacci, “Dynamics of the halo gas in disc galaxies”, University of Bologna, co-advisor, defended April 2011. Now Post-doc at MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Supervision of Master students
• Andrea Afruni, University of Bologna, currently my PhD student.
• Marco Canducci, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2017, now PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK.
• Cecilia Bacchini, University of Bologna, graduated in September 2016, currently my PhD student.
• Francesca Rizzo, University of Bologna, graduated in July 2016, now PhD at MPA Garching, Germany.
• Francesco Brignoli, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2016, moved to the noble job of high school teacher.
• Robin Gopala Tres, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2016, now PhD at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
• Giuliano Iorio, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in September 2014, now Newton fellow at IoA, Cambridge.
• Lucia Armillotta, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2013, now at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, AU.
• Filippo Marcello Maccagni, University of Bologna, first advisor: A. Cimatti, graduated
cum laude in March 2013, now postdoc at INAF/Cagliari.
• Martina Valleri, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2013.
• Gabriele Pezzulli, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in July 2012, now postdoc at ETH-Zurich, CH.
• Andrea Gatto, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in March 2012.
• Enrico Di Teodoro, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in March 2012, now at Mount Stromlo Observatory, Canberra, AU.
• Antonio Garufi, University of Bologna, graduated in December 2011, now postdoc in Madrid, Spain.
• Debora Pelliccia, University of Bologna, graduated in March 2011, now postdoc.
• Matteo Tomassetti, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude December 2010.
• Nicola Clementel, University of Bologna, graduated in December 2009.
• Antonino Marasco, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in October 2009, now Post-doc at ASTRON and Groningen.
• Federico Lelli, University of Bologna, graduated
cum laude in October 2009, now ESO fellow.
• Matteo Barnabè, University of Bologna, first advisor: Luca Ciotti, graduated
cum laude in 2004.
• Claudia Barbieri, University of Milano, first advisor: Giuseppe Bertin, graduated in February 2004.
• Giuseppina Battaglia, University of Bologna, first advisor: Renzo Sancisi, graduated
cum laude in March 2003, now Ramon y Cajal fellow at IAC, Spain.

University lectures
2018-2019: Bachelor course Astrophysical Hydrodynamics, University of Groningen.
2012-present: Master course
Gas flows in galaxies, University of Groningen
2008-2017: Master course
Gas dynamics in galaxies, University of Bologna
Sept. 2008: Lectures for graduate students
Disc galaxies and their ISM, Astronomy Department, University of Bologna
2007-present: Contributed lectures for the following courses at the University of Bologna: Formation and Evolution of Galaxies (Master) Diffuse Matter (Master) Clusters of galaxies (Master) Elements of Programming (Bachelor)
March 2005: Lectures for graduate students Structure and dynamics of disc galaxies, Astrophysics Department, University of Oxford

Invited Talks and Reviews at international conferences
• The theoretical perspective of HI in galaxies at “The HI/Story of the Nearby Universe”, Groningen and Dwingeloo, The Netherlands, 10-12 September 2018.
• Understanding the fountain-corona interaction at “The role of feedback in galaxy formation: from small-scale winds to large-scale outflows”, 15th Potsdam Thinkshop, Potsdam, Germany, 3-7 September 2018.
• Accretion physics and scaling laws of AM in galaxies at “IAU Focus Meeting FM6: Galactic Angular Momentum”, IAU XXX GA, Vienna, 20–22 August 2018.
• Theoretical and observational aspects of gas circulation in galaxies at “The Role of Gas in Galaxy Dynamics”, Valletta, Malta, 2-6 October 2017 (review).
• In & Out. What rules the Baryon Cycle? - MIAPP Programme, Munich, Germany, 3-14 July 2017.
• Physical processes that shape the CGM at “What Matter(s) Around Galaxies”, Durham, UK, 19-23 June 2017.
• Dark Matter in Late-Type galaxies at “Bright and dark Universe”, Napoli, Italy, 29 Jan - 2 Feb 2017.
• Gas inflow at different scales at “The galaxy life-cycle”, Venezia, Italy, October 2016.
• Gas accretion and its impact on the evolution of the Milky Way at “The Milky Way and its environment: gaining insights into the drivers of galaxy formation and evolution”, Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, France, September 2016.
• Accretion from feedback at “Feedback and reaccretion in galaxy formation”, Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France, November 2015.
• Gas accretion by galaxies at “Life-cycle of gas in galaxies: A Local Perspective”, ASTRON, Dwingeloo, NL, September 2015.
• Cosmic web flow into galaxies “IGM@50: Is the InterGalactic Medium Driving Star Formation?”, Abbazia di Spineto, Italy, 8-12 June 2015.
Fountain drivern accretion at The formation and evolution of exponential disks in galaxies, Flagstaff (Arizona, US), October 2014
Gas accretion and extraplanar gas in galaxies at The Role of Hydrogen in the Evolution of Galaxies, Kuching (Malaysia), September 2014
How does the Milky Way accrete gas? at Good Sense and Dominant Ideology in Galaxy and Planet Formation and Evolution, Ascona (CH), July 2014
Supernovae feedback and gas accretion in galaxies at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, “Star formation in galaxies: from small to large scales”, Geneva (CH), June-July 2014
The Disk-Halo Connection at "HI studies with SKA Pathfinders: simulations and visualisation”, Dwingeloo (NL), March 2014 (review)
The angular momentum of the accreting gas at “Multi-spin galaxies”, Napoli (I), Sept-Oct 2013 (review)
The origin of the gas component at “Dynamics of disk galaxies”, Seul (South Korea), October 2013
Gaseous galactic halos in the context of galaxy evolution at the Astronomische Gasellschaft, Tuebingen (D), September 2013
Gas dynamics of dwarf galaxies at From Dwarfs to Giants, Sesto (I), 29 Jul-2 Aug 2013
How can star formation be sustained at “Setting the scene for Gaia and LAMOST - the current and next generations of surveys and models”, IAU Symposium 298, Lijiang (China), May 2013 (review)
Supernova driven gas accretion at “Magnetic fields on galaxies”, workshop, Bonn (D), Mar 2013
The fate of the gas: The connection between star formation and gas accretion at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science, Roma (I), July 2012
Disk-halo connection and gas accretion at “Global Properties of HI in Galaxies: a Workshop in honor of the 35th anniversary of the discovery of the Tully-Fisher relationship”, Greenbank (WV), April 2012
Supernova-driven gas accretion in disc galaxies at “Formation and evolution of galaxies: from high redshift to the present”, Groningen (NL), November 2011
Impact of the Galactic fountain on the HI datacube at “The Interstellar medium in three dimensions with Gaia”, Leiden (NL), July 2011
Missing baryons in the Local Group (review) at “Problematik”, Oxford (UK), August 2010
Galaxy Formation and Gas Circulation (review) at “Hunting for the dark: the hidden side of galaxy formation”, Malta, October 2009 (review)
Gas accretion onto galaxies: models vs past and future observations at “Panoramic Radio Astronomy”, Groningen (NL), June 2009
Modelling the gas kinematics at “The Role of Disk-halo Interaction in Galaxy Evolution: Outflow vs Inflow?”, Espinho (PT), August 2008
Extra-planar gas at low and high redshifts at “Gas and stars in galaxies: a multi-wavelength 3D perspective”, Garching (D), June 2008
Halo gas accretion onto disk galaxies at “The Galaxy Disk in a Cosmological Context”, IAU Symposium 254, Copenhagen (DK), June 2008
Extra-planar gas in spiral galaxies at “Gas accretion and Star Formation in Galaxies”, Garching (D), September 2007

Contributed Talks
• The interplay between disc and galactic environment at “The interplay between local and global processes in galaxies”, Cozumel, México, April 2016
• Gas cooling at the interface between galactic disks and coronae at EWASS, S8, Tenerife, Spain, June 2015
• The impact of galactic fountains on the growth of galaxy disks at EWASS, Sp18, Tenerife, Spain, June 2015
Supernova driven accretion: how disc galaxies grow at “The Origin of the Hubble Sequence”, Paris (F), June 2013
Supernova feedback and gas accretion at “The Physical Link between Galaxies and their Halos”, Garching (D), June 2013
Infall of baryons into galaxy discs at “Whereabouts, physical state and metallicity of the missing baryons”, Cervia (I), May 2012
Bringing missing baryons into galaxy disks at The Cosmic Odyssey of Baryons: accreting, outflowing and hiding, Marseille (F), June 2011
Bulge dominated galaxies, a challenge for MOND? at Modified Gravity Approaches to the Dark Sector, Strasbourg (F), June 2010
The gaseous halos of disc galaxies at HI Survival through Cosmic Times, Abbazia Spineto, Saertano (I), June 2007
Gaseous halos: linking galaxies to the IGM at Galaxy Evolution across the Hubble Time, IAU General Assembly, Symp. 235, Prague (CZ), August 2006
Gaseous halos: linking galaxies to the IGM at The Fate of Gas in Galaxies, Dwingeloo (NL), July 2006
The vertical edges of disc galaxies at The edges of disk galaxies, Leiden (NL), October 2005
The gaseous halos of spiral galaxies at Island Universes, Terschelling (NL), July 2005
The gaseous halos of spiral galaxies at The formation of disk galaxies, Ascona (CH), June 2005
The gaseous halos of disc galaxies at Local Galaxies (workshop), Hatfield, Hertfordshire (UK), June 2005
Gas in the halos of spiral galaxies at The Environments of Galaxies: from Kiloparsecs to Megaparsecs, Chania, Crete (GR), August, 2004
Extra-planar gas in NGC891: observations and modeling at Extra-planar gas, Dwingeloo (NL), June, 2004
High velocity gas in the halos of spiral galaxies at Recycling intergalactic & interstellar matter, IAU General Assembly, Symp. 217, Sydney (AU), July 2003
The HI halos of spiral galaxies at From Observations to Self-Consistent Modelling of the ISM in Galaxies, JENAM 2002, Porto (P), Sept. 2002
Anomalous HI in spiral galaxies at Seeing Through the Dust, Penticton, British Columbia (Canada), October 2001

Organization of conferences and schools
SOC (chair), Crossing the Rubicon: the fate of gas flows in galaxies, 2016, Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, Italy.
SOC member,
The Periphery of Disks, October 2014, Sydney (AU)
School for graduate students,
Baryons in the Universe, Bologna (I), October 2011
SOC member,
Dark matter in galaxies and clusters of galaxies (workshop), June 2007, Bologna (I)
SOC/LOC member,
A man for all galaxies, one day meeting for the retirement of Prof. R. Sancisi, June 2007, Bologna (I)
LOC member,
Extra-planar Gas, 7-11 June 2004, Dwingeloo (NL)

• Institute of Astronomy, ETH-Zurich (CH), 2016
• University of Surrey, Guilford (UK), 2015
• Strasbourg University-Astronomical Observatory, Strasbourgh (F), 2014
• Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, Firenze (I), 2014
• Institute of Astronomy, ETH-Zurich (CH), 2012
• Columbia University, New York, 2012
• Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium, ESO-MPA-MPE-USM, Garching (D), 2010
• GEPI, Observatoire de Paris, Meudon (F), 2009
• Brera Observatory, Merate, Milano (I); ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL), 2008
• Observatory of Paris, Paris (F), 2007
• Institute of Radio Astronomy, Bologna (I), 2006
• Astronomical Observatory, INAF, Bologna (I), 2006
• Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of Groningen (NL), 2006
• Institute of Astronomy, ETH-Zurich (CH), 2005
• Department of Physics, University of Milano (I), 2004
• ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL), 2003
• Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn (D), 2002
• ASTRON, Dwingeloo (NL), 2002

Fellowships, grants and awards
2016: ESO visitor grant, 2 months.
2012: PRIN, Italian Ministry of University & Research, co-I, 800 kEuros, 3-year research funding
2008: PRIN, Italian Ministry of University & Research, co-I, 2-year research funding
2004: Marie-Curie Post-doctoral Fellowship, FP6, 2-year personal fellowship
2002: Ubbo Emmius scholarship, University of Groningen
2001: Consorzio Nazionale per l’Astronomia e l’Astrofisica, 1-year grant

Accepted proposals
I have obtained a large amount of data at the VLA, VLT (Flames, FORS, MUSE), Chandra, CFHT, GMRT, Spitzer, HST, INT data both as PI and co-I (often with my PhD students as PI) and I have been observing at the CFHT.
I have been co-I of numerous successful proposals at the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) including the deep survey of NGC891 (200 hrs) and the HALOGAS international team.
My group has been awarded several millions of hours of computing time at the Bologna CINECA supercomputers (FERMI IBM-Blue Gene/Q).
Some notable successful proposals:
VLT-FLAMES: Halo gas and gas accretion in intermediate-redshift disk galaxies (PI: Fraternali), 086.B-0427(A), 26 hrs.
VLA: Gas dynamics and star formation in Blue Compact Dwarfs (PI: F. Lelli, my PhD student), VLA/10C-200, R11A007, VLA/11B-075, VLA/12A-246, 50 hrs
WSRT: The WSRT Hydrogen Accretion in LOcal GAlaxieS (HALOGAS) Survey (PI: G. Heald), R09A014, 455 hrs
CINECA-FERMI: Effects of galactic winds on circumgalactic medium (PI: L. Armillotta, my PhD student), 2015, 1000000 hrs.
Supernova-driven cooling of the hot corona of disc galaxies (PI: L. Armillotta, my PhD student), HP10C6D3E3, 1000000 hrs.

Large collaborations and Memberships
Member of the European Astronomical Society
HALOGAS: search for gas in the halos of nearby galaxies with WSRT (
Square Kilometre Array (SKA) science group: Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology And Dark Energy (
Apertif medium-deep HI survey (Apertif is the focal-plane array at the WSRT, SKA-pathfinder)

Other University activities
2010-present: Master thesis committee, Bologna
2010-present: Responsible for professionalization activities for Master students
2008-2010: Bachelor thesis committee, Bologna
2007-2009: Co-organizer Tuesday lunch talks

Commissions of trust and refereeing
2015: Reviewer for the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).
2015: Reviewer for the South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF).
2015: Reviews requested for ERC Starting-Grant, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and Swiss National Science Foundation. I had to decline due to other commitments.
2014: Request for ESO panel member P95, I had to decline due to other commitments.
2013: Committee member for the selection of PhD students for the University of Bologna, Italy.
2012: Reviewer for the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).
2012: Reviewer for the Anglo-Australian Telescope.
2012: Committee member, Postdoc selection for the ALMA regional centre, Italy.
I regularly referee papers for all major Astrophysical Journals: ApJ, MNRAS, A&A and AJ. I have also refereed papers for the Journal of Plasma Physics and Science.

Popular lectures and outreach
2010-2013: A tourist guide to the Milky Way (in Italian), Specola conferences and Piazza G. Verdi, Bologna (I)
2009: Realization of the documentary:
“Tutto è fatto di atomi” (Everything is made of atoms), 10’. Shown daily at the one-month exhibition of the Year of Astronomy.
2009: Realization of the biographical short film: “Curious Giorgio” 8’, script writer, director and editor. Shown for the retirement celebration of Prof. Giorgio Palumbo, head of the Astronomy Department of the Univ. of Bologna.
2008-2009: I organized a film festival on “Cinema and Astronomy” in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna.
I have been interviewed by magazines and TV, including and New Scientist.