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Gas flows are fundamental ingredients of the formation and the evolution of galaxies. This course gives an overview of the processes that bring gas from the intergalactic medium into galaxies and viceversa (inflow and outflow). The inflow of gas, also called gas accretion, is at the basis of the growth of galaxies. It is a natural expectation of current cosmological models but the details of the process are very complex and poorly understood. In this course we investigate both the theoretical expectations and the observational evidence of gas accretion.The outflow of gas is produced by energetic processes in galaxies mainly stellar and AGN feedback. Both processes are necessary to build models that reproduce populations of galaxies similar to the observed ones. We will review the current theoretical models of feedback and compare them with observations and back-of-the-envelop calculations.




Describe processes of gas inflow into galaxies from a theoretical and/or an observational point of view

Describe processes of gas outflow from galaxies from a theoretical and/or an observational point of view

Discuss the importance of gas flows for galaxy evolution

Criticise the reliability of both theory and observations of gas flows from and to galaxies


Astrophysical paper, easily downloadable from the ADS or arXiv websites

Access to software to prepare presentations. It can be anything: powerpoint, keynote, libre office, latex or others.

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